Develop Your Talents through a Full Range of Art Courses

When you book any of our courses you can be sure of a warm welcome and an enjoyable experience working with any of our tutors. Our aim is to help you to build confidence , improve your skills, expand your thinking and motivate you to practice. Whether you are already painting regularly, a professional artist, or a hobbyist, all of our courses are designed to support your existing skills especially in specific areas that may be a continuing challenge, such as perspective or colour mixing.

You can choose from:

  • Drawing and Perspective Essentials: Perspective Made Easy, Creative Drawing - capturing images with different techniques and mark making
  • Perspective, a more in depth look at perspective in relation to architecture, human form and still life objects
  • Colour Mixing (includes Session on Materials) and choosing your palette
  • Painting, using creative ways of making artwork

Each workshop takes you through a series of exercises to provide you with enough knowledge  and practical skill to enable you to also practice at home. All 4 workshops, if completed as a set, whether attended close together or over a longer timescale, give you all the basic and in some areas, more advanced skills you need to get your ideas down on paper or canvas in a competent way.

Drawing is often neglected or regarded as unimportant to painting but even a basic level of skill in this area will help you to get your ideas onto your canvas or paper whether drawing or painting.  Drawing can help with observation, form, composition, tonal values and  perspective so we do concentrate on providing the essentials of this subject with the option of looking in more depth at perspective and its importance in painting.

Perspective is both obvious and subtle depending on the subject matter and most of the time we don't consider that perspective is affecting our vision or view of a subject all the time we look at it.  We make this subject fun to study with some exercises to demonstrate how perspective affects our observation and vice versa, then we give  you some techniques that will help you with your drawing and painting and how you approach both subjects

Colour mixing is the most asked about topic when people begin to paint.  It has many facets and of course endless shades of all colours, as you can see from colour charts you will find in your local DIY store selling household paints.  How to choose your palette, how to mix certain colours or when to use pure colour, are all questions that beginners especially find confusing.  But experienced painters also find  colour mixing or combining a bit of a challenge so it affects both beginners and regular painters alike. Our day workshop includes a session on what colour is all about and plenty of exercises to demonstrate how they work with each other.  An interesting and helpful day to get you painting with more confidence in your choices of colour.

Our Painting 1-day workshops are designed to get you producing some competent work in a short space of time, to show you how to  experiment and challenge yourself a little at the same time.  Whether you complete the colour workshop before or after the painting day,  we aim  to help you gain confidence  and enjoy the day.

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2-Day Courses: Improvers and Those Returning to Art

Once you have some basic understanding of materials, together with some practice with composition and perspective, you may want to try a 2-day creative course that is more ambitious. These are great courses if you are picking up your brushes after a long absence, or wish to develop your existing skills. It also gives you confidence to tackle something more challenging or simply try painting with a different medium to the one you have been using.

3-Day Courses, Great for Building Confidence

The 3-day courses take you slightly out of your comfort zone on the first day, get to grips with challenges on the second day, and then on to an enjoyable exercise on the third day. This is where you may discover you can do much more than you thought you could.

4-Day Courses

 Designed for more advanced painters or the more adventurous!  

Fun and progressive, our 4-day courses are ideal when you are a regular painter who really wants to improve while enjoying the creative process.  We tailor these courses to include any areas you may want to focus on, and at least one day is spent observing and sketching en plein air, or if the weather doesn't permit, a visit to a major gallery to consider styles and techniques.

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Art Courses in Cornwall: We are currently moving our Cornwall venue and dates for 2019 will be available in January 2019

Please contact us to go on our mailing list for our 2019 brochure.  Call or email us for details

What We Cover

The mediums used depend on the method you prefer working with, so please contact us to discuss your preference. We cover:

  • Drawing
  • Perspective
  • Composition
  • Colour-Mixing
  • Creative Approaches to Your Work
  • Working Outdoors
  • Studio Working
  • Problem Solving
  • A Range of Techniques
  • Brushwork
  • Tools and Materials

All these topics are blended into the week at appropriate times to support you in obtaining the effects you want to achieve.

Your Tutor, Val Cansick

Val has a lifetime’s experience in art to bring to the course and help you enjoy and learn in a positive atmosphere. Places are limited to between 2 and 4 people. Course notes and all materials are included, especially when you are changing mediums.

You can, of course, bring any of your own with you, but you will use the materials and equipment provided during the sessions. These include indoor and outdoor easels where needed, so you don’t have to pack your whole set of equipment if you don’t want to. If you require more information about our courses, please get in touch.



If you would like to 'attend with a friend' with similar skills and book your places at the same time, we offer a discount of 15% on the combined price. Please enquire about our booking conditions for payment and cancellation terms.

Accommodation In Hertfordshire

If you do not live in Hertfordshire, before booking, please call Val for further details in order to choose a nearby location from which to reach her studio. .