2018 CPRE (Hertfordshire) Art Competition for Hertfordshire Schools

( Campaign for the Protection of Rural England)


'I am so pleased to display the winning art work created by the children of the schools who participated in this year's event. Some 700 pieces of artwork gave us a real challenge when judging them all! As an avid supporter of the work of the CPRE, I find it heartening to see how they continually engage young people of all ages and help to teach them how to connect with the fragility of their environment.  They really thought about the message of how pollution of all kinds in our atmosphere affects our planet.  In particular the children were inspired by the night sky and how much we can or can't see when light pollution and poor air conditions combine.  Well done to all the children who submitted work and many thanks to the art teachers who encouraged them and fired their imaginations..  Well done to the winners in each year'  Val Cansick

The Rural Living Awards 2018 will be held in October when the children will be presented with their prizes

1st Harry, age 7  Yr 2  'Splatter Sky'              2nd  Amy Age 7 Yr 2  UK, light at night          3rd Scarlett Age 5 Yr 2  Trees  at night        Commemded: Charlotte Age 6 Yr 'TheEarth' 

Commended:Romilly Age 7  Yr 2 Swirly sky   1st Alexey Age 9 Yr 4 Lit night sky                    2nd Amber Age 8 Yr4  Rotating Earth           3rd Louis age 7 Yr 3  'I love Stars!'           

Commended:Chloe Age8 Yr3  Moon    Commended:Liyah Age 8 'From my window'   1st Alexander Age10 Yr5  Telescope Man  2nd PoppyAge11 Y6  Lamp vs Stars            

 Next Row down:

3rd Lucas Age10 Yr 5 Light Pollution    Commended: Annie Age10 Yr5 Night Silhouette   Comm: Billy Age9 Y5   Misty Moon    Message comm: Storm  Age10 Yr5

Bottom row of three : All Commended along with Storm, for the messages they put across in their art work.  From left to right, bottom row:

Erin, Age 10 Yr5, Fraser Age 9 Yr 5, and Emily Age10 Yr5